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The success of diversity in the make-up of a company depends highly on its acceptance by top management. All companies that practice diversity have modes of implementation and this goes hand in hand with the company’s philosophy.

Let’s meet our case studies:

IBM is globally known for manufacturing of PC Computers, software as well as for business consultancy.  Monitor Company is a group of companies that offer business consultancy and IT solutions. The IBM stance is that diversity is an investment in the future of its clients and the future of business, business development and business diversification. IBM’s approach to diversity was to sell the idea to top management and with the top managers accepting diversity it began to show in the way they worked and acted. IBM took a huge philosophical leap in business approach as it associated itself with the success of its clients and noticing that its clients were of diverse needs, tastes, sex ethnicities it sought to cater for each of its client’s unique needs, in a way ‘putting the client first’ in their decision making process.

This shift in doing business rubbed off on the junior managers and eventually the entire staff of IBM as they were able to see that diversity was not only good for business but also for operations as the leadership structure changed and employees were looked upon as partners and diversity was linked to business goals. The top-down mode of implementing diversity was considered the reason for success of the new found philosophy and increased productivity from the work force. Monitor Company on the other hand took the issue of diversity as a trend and not so seriously. Implementation was from the bottom up and as such faced serious resistance by top management.

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